Monday, February 8, 2010


The last several days has been very trying for the Bennett household. Our sweet baby girl had three seizures last Thursday, one that lasted eleven minutes. Now, nothing not even medical training can prepare a mother for something like this. I was devestated watching her go through this, pleading with God to make it stop and to keep her breathing. On and on it went as I watched to color fade from her body. I had done everything one can do for someone who is seizing and the rest is sit and wait for it to be over. We took her to our wonderful pediatrician and she was diagnosed with a viral illness. Her seizures are related to fever and she has had two episodes before this latest one but this time it was far more severe.

She was started on Phenobarbital to quiet the seizure activity. This medicine has changed our little girl in many ways. We watched her fade into a medicated stupor for three days. Barely able to stay awake, not able to walk without falling or bumping into something and only opening her eyes half way. As the days have gone by and her medication adjusted she is doing better but her personality is not her usual. She is very irritable. We will have an EEG done in two weeks and then we will be sent to see a pediatric neurologist in Dallas at Cook's Hospital. We will see what the future holds for this one. Pray that this is something she will grow out of and that we will not have to keep her medicated for long.

On top of all this Michael is sick and running fever also. He is on the mend with antibiotics and has been very good with his sister during this time.

On a lighter note I have to tell you something funny our little guy said to his dad on a trip to H-E-B. He was being a bit of a smart mouth that particular evening and had been reprimanded by my husband a few times. In the car on the way home my husband says to him. "Michael you really have a smart mouth don't you." Michael replies "Yes I do, I know my letters, numbers and sounds." He did of course have consequences for his attitude but Doug and I had a good laugh when he wasn't in the room.

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