Monday, March 14, 2011

Boyhood Blunders

Yesterday evening we went outside to enjoy some family time in the back yard.  The weather was beautiful and we played a lovely game of t-ball.  Doug and I went to have a sit on the porch while the kids played a little longer in the back yard before we planned on heading inside.  Then it happened...a rite of passage for most boys and some girls even.  While trying to scoot off of a wooden post stuck in some concrete Michael's jeans hung on the post and he fell chin first to the ground landing on some broken concrete rock.  There were tears and wailing and lots of blood!  His sister was horrified and being the good sister that she is broke into sobs as well.  I rushed him inside and cleaned the wound to get a better idea of the damage.  Of course it would require a trip to the Urgent Care Center for some sutures.

The doctors and nurses at the clinic were great.  They did a wonderful job attending to and being sensitive toward a hurt little boy.  They definitely get this pediatric nurses approval!  After some numbing cream they laid him down and got down to business of repairing his chin.  He was a champ,  he couldn't feel a thing due to the aforementioned numbing cream.  They injected him with some more Lidocaine and began cleaning and stitching the wound.  Michael did so well with it all he was getting a little bored.  Asking how long it was going to take already!  He even took up telling knock knock jokes to pass the time.  Like this one "knock, knock"  "who's there"  "chicken"  "chicken who"  "chicken bock, bock, bocked".  I mean all while literally getting stitched!

This is what his chin looks like today.  He's going to have a scar to match his moms.  He's going to have to be a little more ambitious if he wants to match his dad's chin scar.

Showing off some scrapes on his arm.  There are scrapes on his chest and thighs also.  To add insult to injury he landed on an ant mound too!

Giving the "it's all good" thumbs up.

He's back to his old tricks.  Jumping on/off stuff.
As I end this post I hear Doug in the background telling the kids "be careful, no cracked heads".  Yeah, things are definitely back to normal.

Little Gymnast

Recently Kathryn has started gymnastics.  She loves it so much.  Every time we drive by the gym she asks  for "more nastics".  Took some pictures today during her class.  How cute is she in her little leotard and zebra booty shorts?

balance beam walking.  She loves this because at the end of the beam is the foam pit she get to jump in.

Not sure why these pictures were so dark.  Even with the flash it wouldn't turn out.  At least she has something for the baby book.

My monkey girl!

This is how my little gymnast finishes not only at the gym but even small accomplishments at home.  With a big "tee-dah!" as Kathryn likes to call it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrove Tuesday...Preparing for Ash Wednesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday.  The kids and I are preparing for Ash Wednesday.

Here is our Alleluia.  "Alleluia" is said during worship before the proclamation of the Gospel at every Mass except during Lent.  We will bury the Alleluia today because it is considered an Easter word.  By not using "Alleluia" for the 40 days of Lent perhaps we will come to appreciate more just how joyful this acclimation is.  It will come out again at Easter.  Before we buried the Alleluia we sang a little song that some of you might remember from childhood.  We sang...Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Allelu  Praise ye the Lord!
Burying the Alleluia.

Close it up until Easter.

The kids gave up their favorite toys this year for Lent.  There was a lot of negotiating on the things that should go in the box.  It was a good opportunity to remind them that we do this for Jesus and he made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Can we not make a good sacrifice for Him?

Seal the toys up tight!

Our coloring page that will help the kids count down the 40 days of Lent.  Each day we will have a Lenten devotion as a family and then the kids will get to color off the days square.

We made a crown of thorns this year.  With each good deed or sacrifice the kids make they will get to take a thorn out of the crown.  Ideally this would be done in secret but because of their ages we will make a point of talking about it before we take the thorn out.  The goal is to have all the thorns gone by Easter morning.

Praying everyone has a deep and meaningful Lent this year.  Take time for fasting, prayer, almsgiving and Scripture reading.