Friday, December 24, 2010

Veni Jesu

Midnight one night was still,
Heaven was whitening a hill;
Dark floundered in the wave of morn,
Infinite Infancy was born.
Eternal power sank below,
A frail white miracle of snow.
Eternal Wonder left the skies
And dwindled into two soft eyes,
Child limbs that could not reach,
Child lips that knew no speech
Spoken-save the murmurings heard
From breathing beast, wind and bird.
The unbeginning God began
To live the long slow hours of man.
His Mother, bending her fair head,
Straw-gathering--she laid His bed.
A whirling star-world came and halted
Above a blown-roofed, low, thatch-vaulted
Cave-Ah! are we not agreed
'Twas piteous royalty indeed!

-Fr. Leonard Feeney, MICM

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