Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Gymnast

Recently Kathryn has started gymnastics.  She loves it so much.  Every time we drive by the gym she asks  for "more nastics".  Took some pictures today during her class.  How cute is she in her little leotard and zebra booty shorts?

balance beam walking.  She loves this because at the end of the beam is the foam pit she get to jump in.

Not sure why these pictures were so dark.  Even with the flash it wouldn't turn out.  At least she has something for the baby book.

My monkey girl!

This is how my little gymnast finishes not only at the gym but even small accomplishments at home.  With a big "tee-dah!" as Kathryn likes to call it.


  1. Cutest outfit EVER!!! So freakin cute, I just want to EAT HER UP! Love my girl!!!!