Friday, May 27, 2011

Praise the One who gives and takes away

Recently our family found out that we were expecting another child.  We were overjoyed and SURPRISED!  Suddenly thoughts of new baby joy filled our house.  Going through old clothes and marveling at teeny tiny sock and shoes, imagining how we will fit another child into a room with a brother or sister.  Our kids daily expressed their desire to have a sister!  It was all so wonderful and unexpected.

We made our appointment with our doctor to see the first image of the new life growing inside of me.  Then, there it was a strong rapid heart beat.  Such a wonderful feeling to know that this little blessing was thriving and growing.

6 weeks 3 days.  A very early ultrasound and hard to see.

Sadly, at 9 1/2 weeks we lost our precious baby.  We now have had two babies born to heaven resting in the arms of Jesus.  This has been very difficult for all of us and we are still in shock and disbelief.  Despite our loss we will continue to praise the God who gives and takes away.  We know that he will carry us through this storm.  I will look forward to the day that I will be able to parent my heavenly babies.

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  1. holly--i did not know this and i am so so sorry. i am so thankful that we have the promise of eternal life so you WILL see your babies again one day!! but for now, i know it hurts and will definitely keep you in my prayers.